Thursday, December 9, 2010

❥What you lookin for?

Is it just me or does it seem like marriage is out of the question for our generation?? ..Our generation is merely can i put this-LAZY!! No one wants to work toward a relationship, let alone a friendship. Most married couples have been through hell and back with each other, which is why their love is so strong.The mindset of men these days is having the baddest girl..and Ok its reasonable if thats your selection but if your only choosing her to make your boys happy you will conttinue to search for the next baddest which is a waste. A wise woman told me that there will ALWAYS be someone smarter, funnier, prettier, stronger..than you but if you are continuously concerned with them you will never be able to focus on you. This applies to relationships as well, people keep looking outside at everyone else's relationships instead of devoting time and energy into their own situation. But when you find someone that makes you happy make it last because searching for the next best thing wont keep you warm at night.


  1. "Working" What is really the deffinition of "working". There is a diffrence between trying to get a girl that likes you and just wants to make sure u apprecaite when she finally summits. Bt in current times its called "working". Well I can only speak for myself bt i would'nt like a job i didnt get paid for the effort and time. After a few let downs " I say few because im a fast learner" I gave up an just do what i call "going with the flow" Not being lazy just not as egar as then rest. As far as development of friendships,relationship the missing key is there has to be more than the connection of psysical attraction, thats temporary bt a connection of intelectual is unlimited. Get to know her/him mind.

  2. Nicely said!! I agree with intellectual communication being important as well. No one wants to feel as if they have to compete with their partner intellectually to get their point across or gain continuous support or respect.

  3. Relationships should be like the old skool days...when you work together for the good and the bad...and deal with the situations or problems together....two is always better than one and being together is always better to work at a situation whether it good or bad than working at it alone! I love the blog.....thanks for sharing your thoughts!